Professional Paints & Mediums

The paint or medium you select can change the way an entire piece looks! Use transparent watercolors to show the white of the paper beneath the paint, or go for a gouache and paint in layers from dark to light.

You can find both artist and student grade brands in your favorite styles of paint at Prizm Art Stores. Choose from hundreds of professional paint colors from trusted brands like Winsor & Newton™, Holbein and Grumbacher®.

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    Watercolor paints are a combination of pigment mixed with a weak, water soluble binder. Since this binder is so weak it is important to apply watercolors in thin coats – if they are applied thickly they will crack.

    Prizm carries both pan and tube watercolors for students and art professionals from top manufacturers like Winsor & Newton™, Holbein and Van Gogh.

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    Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic paints are ideal for glazing and layering techniques. The paint, which is made from pigment suspended in synthetic polymer, features good adhesive qualities so layers bind together well.

    Because of its adhesion, acrylic paints can be used on a wide range of surfaces, however, it looks best on slightly textured masonite, hardboard, heavy paper or canvas.

    Choose from hundreds of brilliant, high pigment colors from art grade brands like Liquitex® and affordable student grade brands like Studio 71™.

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    Oil Paint

    Oil colors are a classic art medium that has been used by great artists for hundreds of years. They offer great versatility and can be applied as a bold, thick color, or can be thinned with solvent to appear transparent.

    Artists can create beautiful oil paintings on canvas, linen, panels, boards and heavy papers. Since oil paints are a combination of pigments and linseed oil, each bright color features a luscious texture.

    Prizm has a supply of high quality, artist brand colors made in small hand-crafted batches from manufacturers like Gamblin and TalensĀ®. Each brand offers a rainbow of lightfast, intensely pigmented colors.

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    Get the color of watercolor paint, but intensified! Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint that is applied to surfaces in solid colors. This gives an artist the versatility to paint in dark and light layers. 

    Prizm carries both high pigment concentration artist grade gouache and lower pigment student grade gouache. Choose from brands like Windsor & Newton™ and Reeves™ and then get started creating with gouache.

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    Mediums are vital to getting the perfect gloss, drying rate, flow and texture for watercolor and acrylic paints. Acrylic mediums come in both fluid and gel forms. 

    Mediums are perfect for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of your creativity. Each medium has unique qualities, special textures, and finishes. Choose from our large selection of Winsor & Newton™ and Liquitex® mediums at Prizm.

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    Tempera is a traditional, artist quality method to get simple one-stroke coverage. This bright and vibrant paint is formulated to ensure an opaque, quick-dry, uniform matte finish. 

    These paints are perfect for schools and home projects because they contain organic compounds that make them completely safe, even if ingested.

Top Brands:

Jo Sonja’s®
Studio 71™
Winsor & Newton™
Van Gogh

Visit a Prizm store and a knowledgeable employee will help you find the perfect paints for you art. Call your nearest Prizm art store location to make sure items are in stock before you visit.