Pastels for Artists at Prizm

Do you love intense color? Then you will love working with the brilliant hues and high pigmentation of pastels. Pastels are mixable, wipe-able and water soluble, which makes them ideal for dozens of different projects.

Prizm carries the perfect pastel for any project. From trusted brand names like Prismacolor®, Faber-Castell®, Conté à Paris™ and Rembrandt® to student quality pastels from Studio 71™, you will find them all in our art stores.

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    Hard Pastels

    Because hard pastels have more binder than soft pastels, artists can sharpen them into a point to create crisp lines and details without worrying about dusting or breakage. 

    Prizm carries a rainbow of hard pastels for artists to use on preliminary sketches or for coloring in backgrounds. At Prizm you will find top brands like Prismacolor® Nupastel® Color Sticks right next to affordable entry level Studio 71™ pastels.

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    Soft Pastels

    Soft pastels are packed with pigment, which gives them a rich and vibrant color that can be blended with just a finger. Since soft pastels contain less binder than a hard pastel, they have a buttery texture that glides across a page.

    When working with soft pastels, it is important to plan for breakage, smudging or dust. So handle each color carefully and be sure to spray any finished work with fixative.

    Artists can find high quality soft pastels from top art brands such as Rembrandt®, Sennelier and Winsor & Newton™, plus fixatives to finish off a project all at Prizm Art Stores.

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    Oil Pastels

    While hard and soft pastels can sometimes appear chalky, oil pastels have a waxy, crayon-like consistency. Although they aren’t as easily blended, working with oil pastels is cleaner than working with hard and soft pastels.

    These intensely pigmented colors are more permanent; however they never fully harden so you need to be careful to avoid smudging when storing finished work.

    Prizm stores feature creamy, soft and superfine oil pastels from leading brands like Van Gogh and Sakura Cray-Pas®.

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    Water-Soluble Pastels

    Keep color exactly where you want it when working with water-soluble pastels. Color and blend with these pastels by adding water directly to the crayon or apply it to the paper.

    Water-soluble pastels are lightfast color ideal for both beginners and advanced artists. Plus you can combine them with your favorite watercolor pencils, watercolor paints or even pen, ink and traditional colored pencils.

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    Pastel Pencils

    Pastel pencils contain the highest quality pigments that go onto to paper velvety smooth. They can be blended and wiped to create layered effects, highlights and transitions just like traditional pastels.

    Find your favorite brands of pastel pencils, like Faber-Castell® Pitt® Pastel Pencils and more all in the aisles at Prizm Art Stores.

Top Brands:

Conté à Paris™
Sakura Cray-Pas®
Studio 71™
Van Gogh
Winsor & Newton™

Are you ready to start your next pastel art project? Call your closest Prizm location to speak with our knowledgeable artists and to find out if we carry your favorite brands in our art store nearest you.