Paint Brushes for Fine Art

Predictability, responsiveness and precision are what every artist – novice or advanced – needs from their paint brush. Find quality paint brushes that are sure to give any artist reliable performance at Prizm Art Store.

At Prizm, artists of all skill levels can find the perfect paint brush for their favorite medium, in their ideal price range. Art pros will recognize trusted brands such as Winsor & Newton™, Royal & Langnickel® and Princeton™ while newbies can check out art brushes by Studio 71™.

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    Oil Paint Brushes

    Oil brushes are traditionally offer stiff interlocked bristles that enable artists to easily spread thick paints across a canvas. When looking for the perfect oil paint brush look for a long handle that enables a painter to stand further from the easel, as well as create larger works with ease.

    Prizm stores have a wide selection of oil brushes from all the top brush producers in a variety of brush shapes.

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    Watercolor Paint Brushes

    Watercolor brushes are the most varied type of paint brush. Traditionally the finest Kolinsky Sable hair was reserved for watercolor brushes, because it holds a large amount of water, releases it slowly and snaps back into shape quickly.

    Fortunately less expensive synthetic hair that mimics the traditional Kolinsky is popular today. These synthetic hairs are soft bristles that can also generally be used with thinned oils and acrylics.

    A short handle is another important component of a quality watercolor brush. Watercolor artists often stand very close to their work, and the short handle gives them optimal control.

    From fan to flat wash, artists will find not only find the perfect watercolor brush, but also the perfect brush shape at Prizm Art Stores.

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    Acrylic Paint Brushes

    Acrylic brushes are generally made from stiff, durable synthetic hair that provides a smooth stroke and cleans easily with soap and water. Select from art brush brands like Princeton™ and Winsor & Newton™.

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    Specialty Paint Brushes

    Specialty brushes help you complete your most unique projects. From applying gesso to painting with stencils, specialty brushes will help you get the job done, and make it look good. Find brushes like stipplers, specklers and even a squirrel hair brush in Prizm’s aisles.

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    Painting & Palette Knives

    Painters will find the perfect painting knives to apply paint to canvas and palette knives for mixing paint with Prizm’s selection of Royal & Langnickel® knives for artists. Painting and palette knives have strong and flexible blades to mix paint or apply it in a range of strokes and effects.

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    Sponges for Painting

    Shop the wide selection of sponges at Prizm Art Stores. Sea wool sponges are durable and can hold more than six times their weight in water. Watercolor artists prefer silk sponges, with small pores and high absorbency, and of course synthetic sponges are an economical solution.

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    Paint Brush Holders

    Proper brush storage can dramatically extend the life of a paint brush. Find the best brush bags, brush boxes, bamboo roll ups, caddies, wells and more to keep your brushes responsive, all at Prizm Art Stores.

Top Brands:

F&M Brush Company Inc.
Princeton Artist Brush Co™
Royal & Langnickel®
Studio 71™
Winsor & Newton™

Visit your closest Prizm Art Store location to see our complete selection of artist approved paint brushes. Remember, stock varies in each store, so if you’re looking for a specific brand of art brush, call the store before stopping in.