Markers & Art Pens

Markers and art pens are some of the most flexible tools in the art world! Use them to create scrolling calligraphy, for drawing or to apply paint quickly, easily and precisely.

Shop Prizm to find art pens and markers from trusted brands like Prismacolor®, Speedball® and Winsor & Newton™, or check out our collection of entry level artist supplies.

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    Calligraphy Pens

    Find all of the supplies you need to take up the ancient art of calligraphy at Prizm! Prizm stocks Speedball® sets specialized for beginner calligraphers, artists and even cartoonists.

    Advanced calligraphers can improve on their craft with products from Prizm too. Once you perfect your script, write it out using metallic calligraphy pens that will make your script even more beautiful. You can even find bamboo pens that create lines that metal tip pens cannot.

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    Drawing Ink

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking inks are just for calligraphy pens. You can use high quality inks, like Higgins® assorted inks with air brushes and brushes, as well as technical pens and dip pens.

    Find waterproof, non-waterproof, engrossing ink, eternal ink, white inks, and colored drawing ink from top ink manufacturers you trust like Pelikan and Dr. Ph. Martin’s® all at Prizm.

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    Writing Pens & Markers

    Designers, sketchers and writers can add some color to everything they write with colored writing pens and markers. Nexus™ art pens from Koh-I-Noor® and sparkly Gelly Roll™ pens are ideal for journals, recipes, sketches and notes.

    Not only are these pens colorful they feature a consistent flow of ink to the last drop, and promise not to smear or feather once dry.

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    Design Markers

    Design markers are invaluable to architects, fashion designers, interior designers, graphic artists and cartoonists, but novice artists often find use for them too.

    Shop Prizm’s aisles for Tria™ markers in a corresponding color range to the PANTONE™ Color Matching System, Prismacolor® double ended markers that offer the flexibility of drawing two distinct line widths with one marker and even ChartPak® ad markers with a tri nib design that allows fine, medium and broad drawing widths.

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    Permanent Markers

    You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate high quality permanent markers! At Prizm Art Store, customers can select from top brands like Sharpie® with dozens of tip widths and colors of fade and water resistant ink.

    From ultra-fine point markers to a to the industrial strength magnum marker, Prizm has the perfect marker for your project.

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    Paint Markers

    Do you wish you could apply paint with a steadier hand? Paint markers are your perfect solution! It’s simple to draw straight lines or intricate designs without smudges or slips when you use a paint marker.

    Paint markers come with a variety of tips including ultra-fine, fine, chisel, bullet, and the perfect tip for your project. Use paint markers on almost any craft surface, including ceramics, glass, wood, metal, vellum and paper.

Top Brands:

Dr. Ph. Martin’s®
Winsor & Newton™

Still not sure which markers and pens are best suited for your next project? Visit any of our Prizm stores and get expert advice from our helpful associates!

Just remember merchandise varies by day and store, so it’s always best to call your nearest Prizm art store location before you visit.