Drawing Pencils for Artists

Pencils can be used for technical drawing, sketches and even finished art work. Unlike other mediums, pencils give the artist maximum control while the wooden casing keeps the pigment, charcoal or graphite inside from breaking.

From technical pencils to watercolor pencils you will find all both artist brand and student grade pencils from leading manufacturers such as Faber-Castell®, Prismacolor®, Derwent® and General’s® all at Prizm art supply stores.

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    Colored Pencils

    Colored pencils lay down smooth, vibrant color that is simple to blend and layer without becoming a smudgy, waxy mess. Select from Faber-Castell® Polychromos, Prismacolor® or Derwent® pencil sets or simply buy replacement pencils individually as you need them.

    Each of these leading manufacturers produces hundreds of hues for you to choose from for your next drawing project.


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    Technical Pencils

    Artists need a special tool for technical drawing, writing and sketching. Technical pencils feature nonslip grips, shock absorber tips that reduce lead breakage, pocket clips and push lead advances so design, art and engineering students and professionals will always have a sharp tip for their precise applications.

    Shop at Prizm and choose from top brands of mechanical pencils including Cretacolor®, Paper Mate®, Koh-I-Noor and Pentel®. Fill these technical pencils and lead holders with replacement lead ranging in size from .2mm to .9mm.

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    Graphite Pencils

    Combine a crisp, precise 9H with a soft smudgy 9B to add interest to your sketches. Using graphite pencils with a variety of degrees of interest is an easy way to add interest to your drawing style.

    Water soluble sketch pencils can be used for dry to create free style sketches and bold line drawings, or use them with dry paper and a water wash for a watercolor effect. You can even moisten the paper to soften the edges of a line.

    At Prizm artists and students can buy graphite pencils from Derwent®, General’s® or Faber-Castell® in small two or three packs, or buy in bulk with drawing kits. Prizm even offers extra-fine powdered graphite that can be used with brushes or just a fingertip.

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    Charcoal Pencils

    Depending on the grade, charcoal pencils can give artists a soft smooth feel or a grittier texture. Choose from light, medium and dark grades to blend or draw sharp details. Charcoal pencils are also water soluble.

    Prizm also stocks a supply of compressed charcoal from top brands like General’s® and Derwent®. These smooth, smudgy charcoals are perfect for creating dramatic landscapes and portraiture. Cover large areas with deep black color even more quickly with powdered charcoal.

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    Watercolor Pencils

    Watercolor pencils give you the option to create traditional watercolor washes, or to use them as a dry pencil to draw sharp detail. Watercolor pencils can be used with a variety of techniques to create endless effects.

    Try blending the color with a brush, dipping the pencils into water, drawing color into water, or even sketching dry and refining with brush work. You can even dissolve shavings into water to be used as paint.

    Find the best watercolor pencil sets for artists and students from brands like Prismacolor®, Cretacolor® and Derwent® all at Prizm Art Stores.

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    Pencil Sharpeners & Accessories

    Keep your pencils in top condition with cases, sharpeners and erasers from Prizm. Our stores stock everything from wooden cabinet sets to portable manual sharpeners.

    Prizm also carries a selection of fixatives to help your work stand the test of time. Choose from clear, glossy and matte finishes that will protect your masterpiece from harmful UV rays, dirt, smudging and wear and tear.

Top Brands:

Paper Mate®
Pentel® Sharp™

Visit any of our Prizm Art Stores to find these products, plus art professionals that can help you decide what brand or style best suits your project.

Our stock varies at each store location, so always call your nearest Prizm art location to ensure it’s in stock before stopping in.