Drafting & Engineering Supplies

Prizm has all the tools needed for a variety of engineering projects including Pickett Templates, T-squares, compasses and triangles. Shop for high end professional engineering supplies, or check out our more economical options for beginners and students.

Whether they are expert or entry level, drafting and engineering supplies come in handy for many unexpected projects. You can find all of the drafting tools to make your project a success at Prizm Art Stores.

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    Drafting Sets

    Get all of the supplies you need to begin a basic drafting project in one set! Prizm carries drafting sets that include all of the transparent measuring tools a beginning drafter or engineer would need. The sets include rulers, protractors and triangles, and are available in various sizes.

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    From circles and squares to the kitchen sink – Prizm has Pickett Templates to help you map out almost anything. Each sheet is designed to eliminate smudging on your most important projects. Select from metric or standard measurements with sets like squares, circles, ellipses, general purpose and house planning sets.

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    Prizm has the perfect compass for any mathematics, drawing, engineering or navigation project. From transparent scholastic compasses to bow compasses and geometry compasses, you will find what you need to draw perfect circles of all sizes.

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    Find all of the T-squares needed to complete technical drawings such as building plans, landscapes, housing layouts and more. Prizm carries a selection of T-squares including professional, standard, aluminum and junior T-square sets for kids.

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    Triangles & Protractors

    Keep the measurements accurate in all of your technical drawings with quality triangles and protractors. Use these precision tools for drawing lines at specific angles or use them with a T-square to create vertical and angled lines.

    Find transparent triangles and protractors with convenient cut out centers in both metric and standard measurements at Prizm.

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    Artist Tape

    From pressure sensitive artist tapes for making corrections to pen or pencil to drafting dots that hold drawings, artwork and blueprints firmly in place, find all of your drafting and engineering tapes at Prizm.

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Do you have questions about the best drafting and engineering tools for your next technical project? Visit your nearest Prizm location and talk with one of our knowledgeable associates to find the right tools for you.