Clay & Ceramics for Art

Whether you are creating ceramic sculptures, jewelry or pottery, Prizm has all the supplies you need to make your art a success.

Find the best polymer clays, all purpose art clays and more from trusted brands like Sculpey®, FIMO® and AMACO®.

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    Polymer Clay

    Polymer clay is perfect for arts and crafts projects such as jewelry, home décor and sculpture! It is easy to work with and remains soft and pliable without crumbling. When your project is finished, give it strength and durability by baking it.

    Polymer clay comes in hundreds of bold and vibrant colors, and various compositions. Find polymer variations, plus fun Sculpey® kits to introduce children to sculpting at Prizm.

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    Preserve baby size hands, create a plaster flower or make plaster molds to paint and decorate. Prizm Art Stores carry an assortment of plaster products from plaster of Paris to various memory kits.

    Plaster of Paris and similar sculpting dry mixes set fast without shrinking and feature a smooth and bubble free finish. Pour the plaster into our wide selection of easy to use plush molds from brands like AMACO® to make jewelry or wearable art. 

    Mold Imprint Kits by Precious Impressions™ are also a popular choice for plaster projects at Prizm.

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    Modeling Clay

    Modeling clays are oil based, so they stay soft and workable, however since they never harden or dry, they cannot be fired. This makes it the perfect product for kids, animators and stylists.

    Although modeling clay doesn’t hold detail well, it can be molded, smashed down and molded again and again. Visit Prizm to stock up on modeling clay in a wide range of colors.

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    All Purpose Clay

    All purpose clay has a multitude of uses for ceramists and potters. With the right clay an artist can make shock resistant dishes, sculptures, planters, patio vases and other utility ware.

    Prizm stocks both low and high fire clays in colors like white, Indian red, buff and terra cotta. Browse our aisles to find the AMACO® clay with the ideal plasticity for wheel throwing or hand building methods including slab, push and pull, coil and sculpture.

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    Tools & Accessories

    Picking out clays and colors is fun, but don’t forget to stock up on the tools and accessories that you need to shape, texture, trim and clean your clay projects.

    Prizm carries an assortment of Kemper® tools including scrapers, potter’s ribs, finishing rubbers, throwing sticks, needles tools, fettling knives, loop tools and more. You can also find sea sponges, sandpaper and tack cloth for your ceramic projects at Prizm.

Top Brands:

Precious Impressions™

Prizm is the place to go before starting your next pottery, ceramic or clay project. Our expert employees can help you find the best supplies and tools for any project you can dream up.

Just remember, stock varies at each Prizm location, so if you are looking for a specific product, always call your nearest Prizm location before stopping in to make sure it is in stock.