Artist Supplies & Accessories

Storage accessories are just as important as the tools you use to create. Find the perfect portfolios and art accessories to keep your work as beautiful as the day you finished it.

Find all the assorted artist supplies and accessories you need to be a successful artist at Prizm Art Stores.

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    Adhesives have a multitude of uses in the art world. Scotch® carries a variety of tape for delicate surfaces, such as drafting tape, Safe-Release™ painter’s tape and vellum tape. 

    Temporarily bond projects with rubber cements, or get a more permanent stick with Elmer’s® and Aleene’s® glues.

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    Easels & Furniture

    Shop Prizm to find BEST studio easels that are made with sanded American Oak and hand rubbed with oil. Choose from student level T-frame easels or sturdy H-frame easels that can hold a canvas up to 82 inches tall.

    Prizm also carries affordable metal easels, watercolor easels, sketching easels and both wooden and aluminum tabletop easels.

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    Learn the basics with one of the many art books available at Prizm stores. From watercolor painting and cartooning, to acrylics and portraiture you can learn it all from various book series.

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    Cutting Tools

    Whether you prefer traditional scissors, craft knives, X-ACTO® blades or retractable utility blades you will find exactly what you need at Prizm.

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    Light Tables & Lamps

    Prizm carries incandescent and florescent lamps with magnifying features. Find a floor lamp for your studio space, or clip a table top art lamp to your drafting table. Prizm even carries Daylight™ lamps that give off color correct light.

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    Stencils for Etching

    Rub and etch small, detailed stencils into glassware to create delicately detailed stemware, table mirrors, bottles and jars. Choose from dozens of designs including lettering, nature inspired images and seasonal favorites.

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    Portfolio and presentation cases from Prizm protect art of all sizes from water, harmful UV light and troublesome scuffs and scratches. Many of the portfolios available at Prizm even offer a place to store additional artist supplies.

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    Storage for Art & Supplies

    Browse our ArtBin® Essentials to hold all of your tubes of paint, brushes, adhesives, spray paints and more! The high quality bins feature a draw-tight latches and Tip-Guard™ trays to prevent spills.

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    Palette Sets

    Get the perfect blend of color with mixing palettes available at Prizm. Whether you are looking for a disposable palette for a one time use or you would rather have a decorative wood palette, you will find what you need.

    Choose from double sided palettes, palette seal tools, watercolor palettes, trays, porcelain palettes and sketch boxes to keep your colors organized.

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    Art Kits

    Picking up a new artistic hobby is easier when you have a kit to help you get started! Find kits for artists of all skill levels that include all of the products you need to get started with clay, painting, drawing and more.

Top Brands:

BEST Studio Easels
Duck® Tape
Scotch Tape®
Walter Foster®
Winsor & Newton™

Our knowledgeable associates can help you find the artists supplies and accessories you need, in your ideal price range. Always call your nearest store location for advice or to make sure any specific items you need are in stock.