Art Paper & Boards

Artists developed hundreds of different styles of paper suited for various art techniques and mediums. Art paper is measured by its weight and distinguished by its intended use.

At Prizm Art Stores you are sure to find the perfect art paper and boards for all of your upcoming projects. Choose from respected brands such as Canson® and Strathmore® or experiment with our affordable entry level brand, Studio 71™.

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    Drawing & Sketch Paper

    Most sketch pads are well suited for drawing with pencil, ink and pen, but some also make excellent surfaces for charcoal, pastel and even technical pen and airbrush.

    On your next visit to Prizm, choose from spiral or tape bound pads as small as 3 x 5 inches and as large as 24 x 36 inches from top paper making brands such as Canson® and Strathmore®.

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    Watercolor Art Paper

    Artists that work in watercolor are dependent on the quality of the paper they use. Quality watercolor art paper absorbs water without warping. There are three basic watercolor surfaces available; Hot Press, Cold Press and Rough.

    Hot Press paper is the smoothest surface available to watercolor artists. Its silky surface is achieved by pressing the formed sheets between hot rollers. Cold Press paper has a slightly textured surface and Rough paper is exactly as it sounds, heavily textured.

    At Prizm watercolor artists can find bright white and natural white sheets, pads in blocks in various sizes and finishes from expert brands like Arches® and Winsor & Newton™.

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    Pastel & Drawing Paper

    Pastel and drawing paper comes in a range of colors from solid white to vivid hues and even jet black. It is often coated in materials such as cork or pH neutral vegetable flakes to give it the softest, most uniform surface possible. Pastel artists can also select a slightly textured surface to give the work a different feel.

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    Print Making Paper

    Etching, intaglio, lithography and other techniques of printing require a specific type of paper. That paper must be strong enough to hold up to the press, ink and water, but must also have a surface soft enough to accept ink for a rich image.

    Paper with high cotton rag content, including products from BFK Rives, Johannot Art Paper, Arches Cover, Domestic Etching and Fabriano Roma are recommended for printmaking. For silk screening specifically, Arches 88 is an ideal paper because of its very smooth surface that absorbs ink fast.

    Since their soft surfaces receive charcoal and graphite well, print making papers also double as drawing papers. However, it is important to handle these papers with care since the soft surface is easily marred.

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    Decorative Paper

    Decorative papers are ideal for gift wrap, book binding, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, card making, lampshades, matting and a variety of other arts and crafts.

    From shiny, hand-crinkled paper sprayed with metallic paint to nature touch paper accented with leaf, plant or bark fiber inclusions you will find decorative paper for any application at Prizm. Other popular decorative paper styles include textured papers with silver thread, sugar cane, mango leaf, water hyacinth and Manila hemp inclusions.

    Decorative paper specialists, like The Gold Leaf Co. also create paper similar to Japanese lace paper, basic mulberry papers and paper made from rubber tree leaves soaked in bleach.

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    Calligraphy Paper

    Calligraphy paper varies greatly in quality, and Prizm offers parchment pads for practice and for presentation. From pads that include spacing guides, to specialty paper with the perfect texture for smooth ink flow you will be able to find them at Prizm.

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    Send a personalized message with Prizm’s wide selection of greeting cards and envelopes. Choose from announcement size cards, full size cards and colored stationary, or create a completely custom message with Strathmore® watercolor, stamping and photo frame card sets – all found at Prizm.

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    Construction Paper

    Help children express their creativity while crafting or in class with quality construction paper. Prizm offers a wide selection of heavyweight construction papers that are tough enough to take folding without cracking or tearing, but still have a soft eggshell finish.

    Find traditional fade resistant, brightly colored paper or try out neon, marble or glitter construction paper from companies like Riverside™ Paper Co.

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    Origami Paper

    The ancient art of precise and delicate paper folding can be used to create gift wrap, cards and party favors – but only if you have the right paper! Prizm carries a wide range of origami paper in vivid colors and exciting patterns and textures.

    Try learning to construct the famed paper crane on your own, with a group or as a party activity with easy to use origami kits from AITOH Company.

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    Scratchboard is a fun and unique way to create. Scratch the black India ink off of premium clay coated hardboard panels to create a design on a dramatic, dark backdrop. Create perfect parallel lines, easily cross-hatch or add texture to scratchboard with a clay board tool kit from Ampersand™ then fill them in with vibrant clay board ink.

    Scratchboard is also a fun activity for kids. Check out Prizm’s supply of Scratch Magic® boards and scratch to reveal rainbow patterns or a glitter board.

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    Find high quality drafting vellum that won’t ghost, smudge or fracture at Prizm. National Printfast vellum stands up to repeated erasing, redrawing and rolling since each sheet is treated with high impact resin, or use Bienfang® gridded paper for precise drafting. Prizm’s supply of vellum includes a wide range of sizes and comes in sheets, blocks and pads.

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    Poster Board

    Catch someone’s attention or present your project in style with high quality poster board. Prizm carries a wide supply of poster board from bright neon to extra strong and rigid heavy duty. Prizm also stocks tag board and an assortment of art paper.

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    Foamboard is a great backup for a large framed photo or painting, as well as a great mounting board for artwork and posters. At Prizm you will find high quality Bienfang®, Hunt and READI-BOARD® foamboard in black or white and in a variety of sizes.

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    Mat Board

    Prizm has mat board for all of your matting and framing applications. Find Canson®, Strathmore® and Crescent® decorative mat board in an assortment of colors that will help you create the most dramatic and striking matting combinations.

Top Brands:

Domestic Etching
Johannot Art Paper
National Printfast
Scratch Art®
The Gold Leaf Co.
Winsor & Newton™

Feeling overwhelmed by the many art paper options at Prizm? Visit a Prizm store and talk to one of our paper pros who will help you through each step of your project.