Airbrushing Supplies & Compressors

Because of the airbrush’s wide range of applications, there are a variety of airbrushes, tools and supplies that artists must sift through before finding the perfect fit for their project.

Prizm artists supply stores carries all of the airbrushing supplies, compressors, colors and supplies needed to create any airbrush masterpiece. Choose from trusted brands like Createx Colors™ and Iwata, then get ready to create!

  • Airbrush


    Airbrushes come in a variety of functionalities. Brushes can be internal-mix where air and paint are mixed inside the tip for a soft, fine spray pattern. Or they can be external-mix, mixing air and paint outside of the tip to produce a course spray pattern.

    Airbrushes can also be double action or single action. With a double action airbrush, pushing down the button activates the air flow, while pulling back determines the amount of fluid released. Double action airbrushes make it simple for the user to change the width of the line, the range of value and the opaqueness of a color using just one hand.

    If you are preparing for a hobby or craft application, consider utilizing a single-action external mix airbrush as an economical solution for painting with ceramic glazes or high viscosity materials.

    If you’re still stumped about the ideal airbrush for your project, stop in to a Prizm store. Our knowledgeable associates are ready to find exactly what you need to take your artwork to the next level.

  • Compressor


    You can’t start an airbrush project without air! Based on the color and the nature of the project, an artist will need varying air pressure per square inch, or PSI. Airbrushing makeup or a temporary tattoo onto sensitive skin only requires 15 to 20 PSI, while embedding color into coarse fabrics like canvas needs about 55 to 60 PSI. Lighter colors, like white also require more air pressure, while darker colors like blue and purple need less.

    There are two ways to get the perfect air pressure for your project – air compressors and propellant cans. Air compressors are the economical choice, since the cost of disposable, one use propellant cans can add up quickly.

    Today’s airbrush compressors are virtually silent, automatic and offer easily adjustable air pressure. Artists can find an assortment of the most up to date compressors from Silentaire and Iwata, as well as propellant cans at Prizm Art Stores.

  • Auto-Air Colors

    Auto-Air Colors™

    Auto-Air Colors™ by Createx Colors™ are made specifically for automotive airbrushing projects. These products are lightfast and utilize the latest water-based and water-borne technology to provide lasting, brilliant color.

    Use Auto-Air Colors™ as a base coat for an entire paint job, or use them to apply graphics to any factory finish. Don’t worry about premixing, hardeners, reducers or other additives! Just coat the color with a clear finish to give the hue lasting permanence.

    Find a wide selection of Auto-Air Colors™ at Prizm, then use them to create thousands of color blends and special effects on your next automotive airbrush project.

  • Airbrush supplies

    Airbrush Colors & Supplies


    Createx™ also offers a line of professional grade airbrush colors for use on surfaces such as fabrics, leather, canvas, wood, ceramics, and clay. These paints feature high quality pigments for brilliant color.


    Find Createx™ airbrush colors, plus a selection of hues from other favorite brands like Golden, at Prizm Art Stores.

  • Airbrush accessories

    Airbrush Accessories

    A few simple accessories can make any airbrushing novice seem like an expert. Adjustable handles help you find the perfect working spray width and filters keep airflow clean and dry.

    Don’t forget glass bottles to hold paint and airbrush holders to keep your airbrush level and secure when your hands are full. Find all these accessories and more at Prizm.

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Whether you are about to dive into your first ever airbrushing project or you are simply looking for a few tips to improve your finished pieces, visit Prizm Art Stores to find the best products with the help of our expert associates.

Inventory at Prizm changes daily and varies by store, so if you are looking for a specific airbrushing product, be sure to call your closest Prizm location to be sure that it is in stock.