Prizm is proud to offer a wide selection of premium art brands from affordable paints and brushes for students, to high quality gauche and canvas for professionals. In our aisles artists will find familiar brand names, along with a few newcomers that are sure to impress.

Find out more about your favorite Prizm Art Store brands below, then plan a trip to your local store location.

  • Winsor & Newton at Prizm

    Winsor & Newton

    Winsor & Newton is the result of the unlikely pairing of science and creativity. William Winsor and Henry Newton set out to develop reliable colors and brushes. Today, the company produces fine art materials with the same commitment to quality.

  • Prismacolor at Prizm


    Prismacolor has been making high quality colored pencils since 1938, and since then almost every artist or student has drawn with Prismacolor. Prismacolor pencils come in a variety of colors, hardness and materials, contributing to the brand’s popularity.

  • Fredrix Artist Canvas at Prizm

    Fredrix Artist Canvas

    E.H. Friedrichs became the first in America to manufacture artist canvas for trade. Although the company’s name has changed, the old fashioned process for priming canvases has not. Each canvas is still picked, pumiced and primed by hand with oil base ground.

  • Strathmore at Prizm


    Strathmore Paper Company was born in 1892 when founder, Horace Moses, opened the Mittineague paper mill. He later visited Scotland, and adopted the thistle as his symbol. That logo is still recognized for the high quality printing paper used to produce beautiful works of art.

  • Canson Products at Prizm


    Canson was established more than 450 years ago in Annoy, France by the Montgolfier family. The Canson paper mill has used pure French stream water and natural fibers to produce quality art papers. Canson offers color, tracing, vellum and photo papers.

  • General Pencil Company at Prizm

    General Pencil Company

    Edward Weissenborn began the first pencil factory in the United States. His son continued his father’s tradition by creating the General Pencil Company. This company is still family owned and provides artists with consistently high quality pencils and art supplies.

  • Gamblin Products at Prizm


    Robert Gamblin set out perfect oil colors. After creating a product he was proud of, he moved on to providing his lightfast, nonreactive paints to artists everywhere. In addition to providing artists with high quality color, Gamblin helps artists select and master the materials.

  • Golden Products at Prizm


    Golden opened Golden Artist Colors 30 years after creating the first acrylic paint. With loyal customers, it grew to the acrylic superstore it is today. Golden still focuses on providing customers with the best artist supplies and the best service.

  • Faber-Castell Products at Prizm


    Faber-Castell is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood cased pencils for writing, drawing and design. The company continues to manufacture the highest quality pencils, colored pencils, fountain pens and ballpoint pens that artists and students love.

  • Princeton Products at Prizm


    In 1992 Noahide Takamoto – family member of Japan’s renowned Takamoto brush-making family – created innovative, high value brushes. The result was the best synthetic sable in the industry. High quality, fairly priced paint brushes continue to be Princeton’s sole focus.

  • Liquitex Products at Prizm


    In 1955, Henry Levison launched a new artists’ color formulated with acrylic polymer resin and emulsified with water. The color could adhere to anything, go on thick or thin and was suited to re-working, layering and masking. He dubbed the color, Liquitex.

  • Studio 71 at Prizm

    Studio 71

    Studio 71 is affordable art with attitude! The Studio 71 line of art products is produced by crafting giant Darice. Artists just starting off can get their feet wet with inexpensive art sets, brushes, paint, canvas, paper and tools by Studio 71.